Corporate Hospitality of Melbourne

Sports stadiums around the globe offer corporate suites or corporate boxes at a vantage point within the stadium. Some of the larger stadiums such as the MCG have as many as 2500 seats dedicated exclusively to VIPs. However, sports teams hiring the stadium can allocate these seats to their sponsors. Although there have been complaints from fans and players around the globe that prime space is being taken up by these corporate suites, particularly in regions like Europe and US, thankfully, the situation has been better across Australia and enjoys a’ better blend’ between fan seating and corporate seating. Corporate facilities at the MCG are reckoned as the best in the nation without denting its great atmosphere. Nevertheless, stadiums free Wi-Fi has come under criticism from fans since many people tend to be looking at their smartphones during the game instead of watching the players. East Coast Events Management Company are an experienced company that caters to business professionals and corporate clients.
For every business, getting noticed and networking with potential clients is of the greatest importance. Many sports stadiums around Australia and elsewhere give you this very opportunity literally on a platter. Remember, the sporting event itself is organized by the football or cricket or other sports clubs. That makes one major part of your job a no-brainer. The MCG, for instance, has a capacity of 100,000 people and it is filled to capacity on most occasions. Your task, therefore, is simply to choose the right event and book your corporate suite/box well ahead of the schedule so that you get the best vantage point before your competitors can grab that.

Tailoring a package

Your role, as a corporate customer, in getting the best out of this attractive facility in different stadiums is to get a package that is tailored to address your specific needs. If we consider cricket, for instance, the competing teams move across Australia, and it could be possible for you to strike a deal with the appropriate bodies to cover all venues. This way, your business/products can attract the maximum eye-balls at an attractive price compared to making bookings at independent venues. Nevertheless, you should also spare a thought to your own market presence across the nation.
Most Australian stadiums enjoy a successful history of providing corporate hospitality and sponsorship opportunity for varying objectives. Many of them even have a dedicated team focusing on corporate hospitality that can work with you in choosing the most appropriate package to make sure that your experience is memorable. In some of the stadiums, you have the ability to consider a luxurious corporate suite/box overlooking the pitch or a more private space equipped with a plasma TV in an informal setting where you can discuss business with your guests without sacrificing the interest in the ongoing game.

What you can generally expect from corporate hospitality/corporate suites in Australian stadiums

Once you have booked your corporate suites at one or more stadiums across Australia, you can look forward to a wide range of entertainment experience of the highest order during major sporting fixtures, live concerts and other events. The organizers also take care to ensure that the F&B department leaves no stone unturned to ensure that your entertainment experience meets the highest global standards. You can also personalize each suite throwing open a powerful opportunity in branding for any business.

Most of the corporate suites in stadiums around the country are backed by intensive research to meet global standards. For instance, retractable glass door/s ensure that internal entertainment area is separated from the seating area outdoors to offer flexibility and also maximise the atmosphere inside the particular stadium.
Further, most of these suites are also located at vantage points to give you easy access and exit while offering the best view of the proceedings inside the stadium. Reserved parking is also offered along with the corporate suites considering the parking woes on a busy day in any of these locations.

Let us now acquaint with some of the corporate suites offered across Australian stadiums. The information provided here is merely for guidance and should be verified with the respective stadiums or event organisers before you take a decision. Prices mentioned areas offered by Ballpark and relate to corporate suites offered by the business.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

An 18 seater suite in the southern stand of MCG has been refurbished recently and prices start around $425 per person. The package comes with the following:-

  • 18 seater suite
  • Exclusive seats for viewing
  • Premium beverages
  • Private stewards who will serve fresh seasonal dishes sourced locally
  • Private washroom and bar facilities

Etihad Stadium

At the Etihad Stadium, you can look forward to theatre-style seats with a superior view of the field and an exclusive area for standing viewers and all that in supreme comfort behind glass. Pricing starts around $375 per person and the package includes:-

  • 16 seater suite
  • Exclusive seats indoors
  • Extensive catering options
  • Premium beverages

Sydney Cricket Ground

The SCG is revered as among the most iconic sporting venue in the nation and has experienced some of the greatest moments in Australian sporting history. What comes with a corporate suite here is premium comfort coupled with exclusivity and a well-appointed area for indoor entertainment. With the broadcasting team sitting just outside this suite, your guests guaranteed of the best experience in the inner sanctum area.

Pricing starts around $400 per person and your package typically includes:-

  • 28 seater suite
  • Five-star catering
  • Premium undercover reserved seats
  • Premium beverages
  • Best in class amenities

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide oval offers corporate suites with the ability to choose seats outdoor or indoor where you are sure to gain a memorable and unforgettable experience in corporate entertainment. Your guests are bound to enjoy a whole new level of comfort to the accompaniment of finest beverages and food that is offered in some of the most modern Australian facilities.

Pricing for Corporate suites at Adelaide oval starts at around $375 per person and the package is inclusive of:-

  • 12 seater suite
  • Outdoor and indoor entertainment areas that can be separated
  • Outdoor and Indoor seating.

Drink Wisely- Benefits of Drinking Organic Wine

Organic food has been very popular in this decade. There are now numerous farmer’s markets and even mall shops that sell organic food. Alcoholic beverage however still needs a little bit more push for people to be inclined to look for and buy them. Organic wine might just be the most popular in the alcoholic beverage category. The difference in organic wines is it’s made from grapes that are grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides or any other synthetic chemicals. Organic wine’s market price is a little bit steeper than its ordinary counterpart. There’s good reason to spend more for organic wines and we’ll list down 8 reasons why you should choose organic wines.

Organic Grapes

Grapes and wine

Organic grapes are used to make organic wine and are known to be very healthy. Organic grapes are grown without harmful pesticides and insecticides. These chemicals are sometimes still in the beverage if the grapes are not washed carefully before wine production. Another good thing about using organic grapes is that the whole process of growing them is very environment-friendly. The whole process passes organic farming standards so you are sure that everything in your wine is 100% natural.

Natural Sweetness

Non-organic wines usually have sugar or artificial sweeteners added to them to make them taste better. Organic wine, on the other hand, relies on the grapes’ natural sweetness. This makes sure that there are no added calories to your drink and makes it healthier to consume. You can drink more without all the guilt of consuming all that sugar and calories. If you’re not sure if your local bottle shop stock organic wine on their shelve, shop organic wine here. 

Natural Color and Aroma

Organic wines might not be as dark or rich in colour as non-organic wines. They also have more subtle aroma than your typical wine. Non-organic wines sometimes contain food dyes to give out beautiful, rich and deep colours. However, using food dyes might cause the wine to stain your teeth, gums and tongue. Also, non-organic wine stains are a lot harder to remove because of the food dyes in it. Conventional wines also have chemical additives to manipulate how they should feel in your mouth and how long the taste stays in your mouth.

No Animal Byproducts

red wine and cheese

Organic wines may not be filtered and fine as conventional wines but it’s because animal-derived materials are not used for it. Some manufacturers of non-organic wines use animal byproducts like mammal proteins, egg whites and even fish bladder to make the wine’s texture fine and smooth. So if you are a vegan it is best to buy organic wines to make sure you stay away from animal products.

More Health Benefits

Aside from low calories and having no synthetic chemicals, organic wines are better antioxidants. Organic wines have more resveratrol than conventional wines. Resveratrol is associated with many health benefits like improving heart health, fights free radical damage and lessens cholesterol and fat buildups in arteries. It also reduces the risk of getting a stroke and steers you away from obesity and diabetes. For all people out there that are trying to live healthily and stick to all natural food, organic wine is definitely the go-to-wine.


Mass production of conventional wines does not guarantee environment-friendly procedures. However, growing organic grapes is known to use environment-friendly procedures like dry farming, crop rotation and even have solar powered farms. So if you are an advocate of our dear planet it is best to support organic wines as it benefits you and nature.

Lower Alcohol Content

If you enjoy drinking wine and would like to consume more without the bad hangover then the organic wine is for you. Organic wines have lower alcohol content than its conventional counterpart. As mentioned earlier, organic wines have the lower sugar content as it only has the fruits’ natural sugar. Sugar is then fermented so the lower the sugar content, the lower the alcohol content is in wines. You’ll surely have a wonderful time without worrying about the side effects of drinking too much alcohol. You can savour the natural taste and still stay clear-headed even after you wake up the morning after.

Less Toxicity

Conventional wines use newer oak containers or barrels, thus mixing methanol with the wine stored in. Methanol can be toxic to some extent which can cause a headache, vomiting, dizziness and shortness of breath. These symptoms of methanol toxicity may sound like the usual hangover that’s why some people disregard them. To avoid these symptoms, you better opt to buy organic wines. Organic wines are usually fermented in clay jars, glass and sometimes steel containers. These jars and containers have been used in the past centuries for fermenting wine, it helps keep the wine non-toxic and definitely clean.

Organic and Conventional Wines Comparison




Taste Natural and fuller taste Lingering taste with lots of varieties
Texture Grittier texture Smooth and Fine texture
Price More expensive than conventional counterpart Cheaper than organic wines
Health Benefits Known to be better with natural antioxidants Less health benefits due to synthetic sugars and chemicals present
Toxicity Fewer methanol because of clay, glass and steel containers. Known to have more methanol content due to newer oak containers
Alcohol Content Lower alcohol content Higher alcohol content
Animal By-products None Might have traces dues to filtration
Sugar Content Lower sugar content and only has natural fruit sugar Higher sugar content with synthetic sweeteners
Calories Lower calories Higher calories due to higher sugar content


We should start appreciating and purchasing organic wines as these not only helps our bodies and environment but also small business owners. Thanks to increasing numbers of fairs, farmer’s markets and organic mall stores, organic wine is made available to the public more and more every day.
Organic wines may cost a little bit more than conventional wines and might not taste the same but it’s more authentic. All ingredients are natural and produced in organic farms that use environment-friendly setups and procedures.
There are more health benefits and you’ll surely have a guilt-free time when drinking organic wines.

World’s best little-known DJ equipment selling stores

DJ in club

DJing has come a long way from its earliest days, and so have the DJs. Therefore, it is only natural that the modern day DJs can only put the oldest vinyl and turntables on the altar for worship and turn to more sophisticated, more versatile and significantly more convenient DJ equipment. Today we have DJ equipment to answer the needs of DJs of every class and at varying price points. Before you start shopping around for DJ equipment, you must have very specific idea on your track. DJ equipment for professional deployment can be pretty expensive and obviously will need additional care to keep them in their prime state at all times. Conversely, there is also DJ equipment for beginners that may be relatively less expensive, but your expectations from such equipment should also be pitching lower. It is an ordinary compact car or SUV and a Mercedes. Most of us do know that the Mercedes is a class apart and therefore commands top dollars as well as the respect which goes with such a possession. This is true of DJ equipment, and if you are a professional DJ going out and performing at different venues, you will be judged based on the equipment you own and your skill level in getting optimal output from the modern day equipment.

In broader terms, the world of DJ equipment today consists of the following:-

  • Mixers
  • Turntables
  • Controllers
  • Apps
  • Software
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Stands, Racks and cases
  • Lights
  • Cases or coffins to move equipment around

Most of the modern day offerings in any of the DJ equipment category above are sophisticated, trendy and obviously pricey. At the higher end of things, DJ equipment constitutes a structured investment and barring perhaps a few exceptions, DJs expect the equipment to pay back over a period. For the same reason, preserving this equipment when not in use and moving them from one place to the other are also equally critical.
Turning to global music markets regarding digital streaming, digital downloads, physical music sales and live music, the following ten nations lead the pack, going by the projections for 2015-2019 provided in a report by PwC for Media outlook and Global entertainment.

  • Switzerland
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Sweden
  • US
  • Australia
  • France
  • Norway

The hip-hop scene in Germany is pretty big but for most of it is occupied by military DJs. Europe too has a similar predominance by military DJs while you could find Dubai to be an awesome destination for DJs. Pop culture and turntablism are mighty impressive in Dubai, and the neighbouring Qatar is no less attractive. But, both the destinations require you to find a sponsor as also your shelter. Getting a visa without a sponsor can be pretty challenging for these destinations except perhaps for college kids. If you consider the Caribbean, you should also know that the highest population of DJs per sq.mile is in the Caribbean, barring perhaps some of her bigger islands. Here is a useful resource to help you buy DJ equipment across nations.
We now turn to some of the stores selling DJ equipment around the world that you may not have known.

House of sound – Switzerland

As we said earlier, Switzerland heads the global music market, and you can find House of Sound at Nauenstrasse 64, CH-4052 Basel. The store stocks a wide array of DJ equipment and includes multiple brands of your choice. If you have problems comprehending some of the content, look for the translation option at the right-hand top corner of the page.

Acclaim Sound – Canada

Acclaim Sound is among the leading online suppliers of all kinds of musical instruments, theatre and stage lighting, and professional audio and boasts of a track record dating back to 1989 growing at a steady pace through the years. Acclaim Sound also has a retail outlet at North Bay, Ontario.

DJ Controller

Images 2 UK – the UK

Images 2 UK Entertainment Store is a three decades old business has grown to be the largest in the entertainment industry in the UK. They provide a wide array of music products and aim to become the one stop shop for all entertainment needs in the days to come.

V247 Musicstore .deD – Frankfurt

DV 247 and Music Store brings four decades of experience and expertise in bringing musical equipment and gadgets for a wide range of music genre including DJ with over 55,000 products across these categories. This store provides a range of services which include a guarantee of low prices, free returns, expert advice and 0% financing options and even workshops to help customers make the right decisions.

Ishibashi -Tokyo

A nationwide business for all that you can think of in musical equipment, gadgets, devices and more.

JD’s Sound & Lighting – Melbourne

JD’s sound and lighting based in Melbourne, Australia supplies professional lighting and audio equipment to the music industry for nearly two decades now. They have authorised dealers for a wide range of brands including Yamaha, JBL, Shure, Dynacord, and EV to mention a few. JD Sound and Lighting also specialise in road cases, staging equipment, drape support, lighting trusses and other hardware and accessories for the entertainment industry.

U.S.A – New York

Turntable Lab – For over 18 years, Turntable has remained the trusted go-to destination for DJs, overlooking the sea of options from the digital world. The Vinyl that Turntable sells, in particular, are carefully chosen and curated by DJs. They also sell a wide range of DJ equipment to a cross-section of DJs.

Sound Gallery – Austin

DJ's equipments

This store is truly a dream for all hi-fi audiophiles. The store offers an array of restored and vintage turntables, audio gear and tube amplifiers. DJs will also find the knowledgeable staff at Sound Gallery extremely helpful.

Pioneer DJ – Paris

Pioneer DJ offers multiple outlets across Paris for a wide range of DJ equipment. Beginning the mid-1990s, Pioneer has always stayed ahead of music technology catering to the transition from Vinyl to CD to digital music. The latent cloud storage and EDM have further enhanced the capabilities of Pioneer offering an unparalleled opportunity to avid DJs.