Drink Wisely- Benefits of Drinking Organic Wine

Organic food has been very popular in this decade. There are now numerous farmer’s markets and even mall shops that sell organic food. Alcoholic beverage however still needs a little bit more push for people to be inclined to look for and buy them. Organic wine might just be the most popular in the alcoholic beverage category. The difference in organic wines is it’s made from grapes that are grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides or any other synthetic chemicals. Organic wine’s market price is a little bit steeper than its ordinary counterpart. There’s good reason to spend more for organic wines and we’ll list down 8 reasons why you should choose organic wines.

Organic Grapes

Grapes and wine

Organic grapes are used to make organic wine and are known to be very healthy. Organic grapes are grown without harmful pesticides and insecticides. These chemicals are sometimes still in the beverage if the grapes are not washed carefully before wine production. Another good thing about using organic grapes is that the whole process of growing them is very environment-friendly. The whole process passes organic farming standards so you are sure that everything in your wine is 100% natural.

Natural Sweetness

Non-organic wines usually have sugar or artificial sweeteners added to them to make them taste better. Organic wine, on the other hand, relies on the grapes’ natural sweetness. This makes sure that there are no added calories to your drink and makes it healthier to consume. You can drink more without all the guilt of consuming all that sugar and calories. If you’re not sure if your local bottle shop stock organic wine on their shelve, shop organic wine here. 

Natural Color and Aroma

Organic wines might not be as dark or rich in colour as non-organic wines. They also have more subtle aroma than your typical wine. Non-organic wines sometimes contain food dyes to give out beautiful, rich and deep colours. However, using food dyes might cause the wine to stain your teeth, gums and tongue. Also, non-organic wine stains are a lot harder to remove because of the food dyes in it. Conventional wines also have chemical additives to manipulate how they should feel in your mouth and how long the taste stays in your mouth.

No Animal Byproducts

red wine and cheese

Organic wines may not be filtered and fine as conventional wines but it’s because animal-derived materials are not used for it. Some manufacturers of non-organic wines use animal byproducts like mammal proteins, egg whites and even fish bladder to make the wine’s texture fine and smooth. So if you are a vegan it is best to buy organic wines to make sure you stay away from animal products.

More Health Benefits

Aside from low calories and having no synthetic chemicals, organic wines are better antioxidants. Organic wines have more resveratrol than conventional wines. Resveratrol is associated with many health benefits like improving heart health, fights free radical damage and lessens cholesterol and fat buildups in arteries. It also reduces the risk of getting a stroke and steers you away from obesity and diabetes. For all people out there that are trying to live healthily and stick to all natural food, organic wine is definitely the go-to-wine.


Mass production of conventional wines does not guarantee environment-friendly procedures. However, growing organic grapes is known to use environment-friendly procedures like dry farming, crop rotation and even have solar powered farms. So if you are an advocate of our dear planet it is best to support organic wines as it benefits you and nature.

Lower Alcohol Content

If you enjoy drinking wine and would like to consume more without the bad hangover then the organic wine is for you. Organic wines have lower alcohol content than its conventional counterpart. As mentioned earlier, organic wines have the lower sugar content as it only has the fruits’ natural sugar. Sugar is then fermented so the lower the sugar content, the lower the alcohol content is in wines. You’ll surely have a wonderful time without worrying about the side effects of drinking too much alcohol. You can savour the natural taste and still stay clear-headed even after you wake up the morning after.

Less Toxicity

Conventional wines use newer oak containers or barrels, thus mixing methanol with the wine stored in. Methanol can be toxic to some extent which can cause a headache, vomiting, dizziness and shortness of breath. These symptoms of methanol toxicity may sound like the usual hangover that’s why some people disregard them. To avoid these symptoms, you better opt to buy organic wines. Organic wines are usually fermented in clay jars, glass and sometimes steel containers. These jars and containers have been used in the past centuries for fermenting wine, it helps keep the wine non-toxic and definitely clean.

Organic and Conventional Wines Comparison




Taste Natural and fuller taste Lingering taste with lots of varieties
Texture Grittier texture Smooth and Fine texture
Price More expensive than conventional counterpart Cheaper than organic wines
Health Benefits Known to be better with natural antioxidants Less health benefits due to synthetic sugars and chemicals present
Toxicity Fewer methanol because of clay, glass and steel containers. Known to have more methanol content due to newer oak containers
Alcohol Content Lower alcohol content Higher alcohol content
Animal By-products None Might have traces dues to filtration
Sugar Content Lower sugar content and only has natural fruit sugar Higher sugar content with synthetic sweeteners
Calories Lower calories Higher calories due to higher sugar content


We should start appreciating and purchasing organic wines as these not only helps our bodies and environment but also small business owners. Thanks to increasing numbers of fairs, farmer’s markets and organic mall stores, organic wine is made available to the public more and more every day.
Organic wines may cost a little bit more than conventional wines and might not taste the same but it’s more authentic. All ingredients are natural and produced in organic farms that use environment-friendly setups and procedures.
There are more health benefits and you’ll surely have a guilt-free time when drinking organic wines.